Digital Wax Warmer Kit for Hair Removal at Home for Women Sensitive Skin Brazilian Facial Hair Body with 4 Formulas Hard Wax Beads Target Different Type of Hair

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  • WHY WE LOVE THE WAXING KIT - "I was shocked that this wax consistently removes the entire hair, tip to root." Nothing will ever compare if you are getting salon-grade hair-removal result that lasts up to 6 weeks!
  • DIY BIKINI/BRAZILIAN WAX - When it comes to sensitive spots, hard wax definitely is a better choice since it would only stick to the hairs (not skin, ouch!). Friendly to any wax newbie, this at home waxing starter kit will get the unwanted coarse & fine body hair removed while save your Bigg...
  • 10 MINS TO HEAT - Wax that doesn't melt evenly can crack and go brittle...That’s why the “Automatic Keep Warm” function matters: your pearl wax always stays ready for serving! Featuring the innovative PTC heating technology, Kotamu wax warmer for hair removal just provides more UNIFORM HEATING.
  • FULL BODY WAX KIT - Super fed up with the messy and smelly depilatories? Here’s your way to go! The light and pleasant scent indicates the soothing, gentle formula(wax beads for sensitive skin!) and thus is ideal for face, chest, back, arms and legs’ flawless hair removal.
  • 1-YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY - Outside of Return Window while needing a replacement? Please feel free to reach out directly via Amazon. Kotamu takes pride in its high quality waxing essentials. That’s why we are happy to help if there’s any defect/problem regarding our hard wax kit.
  • WAX READY IN ONE GO - Only one step and wax is ready to serve your SKIN! Simply rotate the knob to your perfect spot, e.g., one may figure out that 165°F is best for waxing her legs. It is NORMAL for the thermostat to go up and up. This is to allow the wax heater to fully warm up. It will automatically cool down to your desired temp.

Product Description

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Skin Type
Sensitive Sensitive Normal Sensitive Normal Normal Normal
Hair Type
All Hair Types Fine to Coarse Medium to Coarse Micro-Tiny & Fine Hairs Coarse, Short Hairs All Hair Types N.A.
Application Temp
150°F – 180°F 150°F – 180°F 150°F – 180°F 150°F – 180°F 150°F – 180°F 150°F – 180°F 150°F – 180°F
Where to Use
Full Body Application Armpit, Chest, Bikini, Face Arms, Legs, Back Eyebrow & Facial Waxing Bikini & Brazilian Waxing Full Body Application N.A.
A melted, warm taffy A melted, warm taffy A melted, warm taffy A melted, warm taffy A melted, warm taffy A melted, warm taffy A melted, warm taffy
No Strips Needed
Cracking or Breaking
Fast Meltdown


Featuring 2 circular PTC chips, the wax warmer works in a more real-world way to ensure even, consistent melting of hard waxes. The PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) tech embodies a self-regulating heating system, meaning it can finetune the melting process according to your room temperature.

I wanted to set my wax heater at 155°F but it just heated up & up and wouldn’t stop.

Confusing it might seem to be, this is absolutely NORMAL. The KOTAMU wax pot is designated to heat all the way up so as to FULLY melt the wax beads and later IT’LL BRING ITSELF BACK TO THE TEMP YOU SET IT TO.

Can't it just heat up to the temp I want and then sit on it?

Superb advice! Our product engineering team has been craving for a better user experience and your voice def will be heard. Currently, the machine still needs to go for a highest temp for fast, even melting of waxes.

So how long will it take for the whole process?

For the melting it takes about 10 minutes to reach 240° or so; then another 10 to 15 mins to cool to the temp you set. You’ll see the indicator light switches from red to GREEN when the desired temperature is reached.

I’m a total newbie. Is there anything I should be aware of beforehand?

You bet. One simple but often ignored tip for waxing is: you can always rely on the consistency of the wax much more than the machine’s thermometer. Scroll down to Product guides and documents, download the detailed PDF instruction book for MORE.

I am not happy with my purchase. What should I do?

Let’s get in touch on Amazon any time you need help! Your experience with KOTAMU matters a lot to us so any thought/opinion/feedback you would like to share with us would be most welcome!

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