Sharpeak Total L.17.5-Inch/Rod L.12-Inch Sharpening Steel Knife Sharpeners Rod with Built-In Angle Guides, Sharpening Rod, Knife Honing Steel, Honer for Kitchen Knives, Chaira Para Afilar Cuchillos

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  • The extra-long Sharpeak sharpening steel rod features built-in 20-degree angle guides for consistent and accurate sharpening angles.
  • The magnetized steel helps to keep metal shavings contained for easy cleanup, while the fine-grit surface of Sharpeak sharpening steel allows for quick and efficient sharpening of knives without requiring a lot of effort or skill.
  • While some sharpening rods claim to be 12 inches in length, it's important to note that this measurement may include the handle. However, Sharpeak sharpening rods have a rod length of 12 inches, excluding the handle. With the handle included, the total length measures 17.5 inches, making it suitable for sharpening a wide range of knives, from small chef's knives to large butchering knives.
  • The hone and realign feature of the sharpening rod can revive old knives and maintain razor-sharpness for extended periods of time.
  • The ergonomic handle and hexagonal hand guard provide safety and comfort during use, while the hardened steel with chromium plating ensures durability and longevity.
  • Sharpeak offers a 3-year warranty and superior after-sale service, with headquarters in California and overseas branches in Germany and Australia.

Product Description

60 HRC Hardened Steel with 12-Inch Rod Length (Excluding Handle)

Built-in 20-degree Angle Guides

Magnetized Steel Rod

Elevate Your Edge with Sharpeak

Advanced Hardening Techniques Sharpeak's specialized hardening techniques, including quenching and tempering, ensure superior hardness and durability of their steel rods.
Refined Surface Finishing Employing precise surface finishing techniques like honing and grinding, Sharpeak optimizes sharpening efficiency, resulting in a smooth surface for enhanced performance.
Precise Manufacturing With the utilization of advanced manufacturing techniques, Sharpeak achieves precise dimensions and shapes for the sharpening steel rods, delivering consistent and superior sharpening capabilities.
Ergonomic Design Sharpeak sharpening rods feature non-slip handles and ergonomic grips, ensuring a secure and comfortable grip for effortless sharpening.
Material Hardened Steel Pure Ceramic Monocrystalline Diamond
Recommended Application Honing Honing and refining Sharpening
Function Realigning and straightening the microscopic teeth on the edge of a knife blade, removing small burrs and nicks Fine-tuning and polishing the blade edge, refining the sharpness and achieving a razor-sharp edge Highly efficient in restoring and reviving dull or damaged edges, particularly effective when used on harder steels
Typical Use Home kitchens, professional kitchens, outdoor activities Home kitchens, professional kitchens Professional kitchens, workshops, heavy-duty sharpening

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