Teeth Whitening Pen (3 Pcs), 30+ Uses, Effective, Painless, No Sensitivity, Travel-Friendly, Easy to Use, Beautiful White Smile, Mint Flavor

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  • ●ELIMINATE SURFACE STAINS WITH EASE - Use our convenient Teeth Whitening Pen to quickly and easily eliminate surface stains from foods and beverages, such as coffee, wine, spaghetti sauce, and more. The gentle yet effective pen contains essential ingredients that are powerful enough to lift several years' worth of stains, including Carbamide Peroxide and glycerin. You can see and experience the difference for yourself with the use of our at-home teeth whitening pens.
  • ●GENTLE ENOUGH TO USE DAILY - Begin brightening and whitening your teeth within seconds using our mint-flavored whitening system. These pens are gentle on the teeth and safe to apply twice daily. All it takes is roughly 30 seconds per application to fight those unwanted stains and get the whiter, healthier-looking teeth you've always wanted. With repeated use of our product, you can get your teeth up to EIGHT shades whiter than before.
  • ●EASY TO APPLY TO EACH TOOTH - We've created a stress-free and straightforward system, making it easy for you to apply the teeth whitening gel to each tooth without a mess. You won't have to deal with slippery strips or other products that leak and get all over the place during the application process. Our innovative product consists of easy-to-use teeth whitening swabs that you can twist to release the whitening solution and then apply within seconds for beautiful white teeth in no time.
  • ●COMPACT & PERFECT FOR TRAVEL - Use our convenient product at home or on the go. It's compact, lightweight, and mess-free, making it the perfect product to pack in your suitcase when you're going on a vacation or visiting loved ones. Other whitening products are bulky and difficult to travel with, but you won't have that problem using our effective and pain-free product.
  • ●GET PROFESSIONAL QUALITY WHITENING AT HOME - Who says you need to visit the dentist to get whiter teeth that shine and sparkle? When you want to have teeth that look healthy, clean, and vibrant, our Teeth Whitening Pen is the perfect solution. It's an affordable option compared to in-office whitening that still provides impressive results. Be sure to track your progress by taking before and after photos to see the difference our solution makes.

Product Description

  1. Value for Money

    3 Pens can be used over 30 times. Get up to 8 shades whiter.

  2. Removal of Teeth Stains

    1 min per day for great results. Say goodbye to stains from drinks, fruits and cigarette.

  3. Innovative Pen Tip

    Enjoy whitening with innovative tip for precise application on teeths & between teeths.

  4. DIY Fast Teeth Whitening

    Safe, gentle and simple treatment anywhere, such as at home, in office or on trips.

1 Large Supply 2 Great Results 3 Easy Application 4 Highly Convenient

Observable Stain Removal & Whitening

Stain from Drinks

Drinking wine, coffee, tea and other drinks can stain your teeth.

Stain from Food Coloring

Food coloring added in food can stain our teeth.

Stain from Fruits

Fruits such as cherries and blueberries can stain your teeth.

Stain from Smoking

Nicotine and tar from smoking can cause teeth to turn yellow.

How to use VieBeauti Teeth Whitening Pen

Step 1: Brush

Brush and clean your teeth.

Step 2: Open and Twist

Remove the pen cap. Twist the bottom of the pen in a clockwise direction to allow the gel to flow to the brush.

Step 3: Apply

Smile widely to keep lips away from your teeth. Apply a thin layer of gel to the teeth. Avoid gums.

Step 4: Wait

Relax lips after 30s. Avoid eating or drinking for the next 30mins.

Will this have effect on all teeth stains?

It does not work on intrinsic stains, which is inside the tooth. These whitening pens are exclusively for extrinsic stains, which are on the surface of the tooth or only slightly into the tooth.

Is this safe for kids and pregnant mothers?

Not for children under 15.

For pregnant and nursing mothers, please seek advice from medical professionals.

How long does it take to see results with the VieBeauti Whitening Pen?

Results with the VieBeauti Whitening Pen may vary depending on the individual, but many users report seeing noticeable results within just a few days of using the product as directed.

Can I stop using the teeth whitening pen once I achieve the desired results?

Yes, you can stop use once you are satisfied with the results. VieBeauti Teeth Whitening is non-habit forming.

Can I use the VieBeauti Whitening Pen if I have sensitive teeth?

Yes, the VieBeauti Whitening Pen is designed to be gentle and non-irritating, even for people with sensitive teeth. However, if you experience any discomfort or sensitivity while using the product, discontinue use and consult your dentist.

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