Dog Puzzle Feeder 12.6" X14.1'' for Memory Training, Interactive Bamboo Slow Treat Dispensing Toys for Small Medium Large Pets, Dog Mental Stimulation Enrichment Toys to Keep Them Busy & IQ Training

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  • 【3 in 1 Dog Food Puzzle Feeder】Our dog slow feeder is a combination of food bottle, bone shaped groove and food hiding wooden pegs. With 3 feeding bottles and 2 kinds of bottle caps, our bottle can hold different dog food. You can choose which bottle cap for doggy to play. The bone shaped groove on the base can place more food and can be seen as a bowl to attract anorexic dogs' eyes. You can also interact with your doggy by placing the food under the wooden pegs and let them search with smell.
  • 【More Stable & Adjustable】Our puzzle feeders for dogs‘ base is designed with a whole wooden board, which is more stable than the H-shaped wooden board base. When doggy fiddles with three bottles, the base will remain stable and not be easily knocked down. There are three levels to change the height of the bottles according to your dog, so this feeding toys for dogs is suitable for most small, medium and large dogs.
  • 【Better Health for Dogs】If your dog is a voracious eater, this dog memory puzzle can help you slow down the dog's eating speed, and let him get enough exercise by playing with the puzzle feeder. In this way they will avoid obesity and put boredom aside when they are alone. 10 mins of sniffing is equal to 1 hour walking for dogs, hiding the food under wood pegs and letting your dog sniff will keep his brain excited, and not afraid of dementia or brain atrophy.
  • 【Safe for Fun】The base of our dog memory treat dispenser is made of natural bamboo, with smooth surface and no odor. The plastic bottle has been tested for many times to be non-toxic. With these reliable materials, you can continue to train your dog's IQ by this dog puzzles for smart dogs. 4 anti-skid stickers can be stuck on the back of the base to provide more stability and safety for the puzzle feeder.
  • 【Simple Installation】Pre-drilled design saves time and effort for installation, so that you can interact with your dog as soon as possible, put boredom and annoyance aside when he is playing it. Please pay attention to the parts during installation and do not lose them. If you have any questions about the puzzle games for dogs, please feel free to contact us

Product Description

Real customer experience

  1. Don't worry about dog can't touch it

    Adjustable Height for all breeds of dogs

    There are 3 holes in the side plate for selection of height, so that the cross bar can pass through and the feeding bottle can be hung at different heights, which can be touched by dogs of different heights.

  2. Falling food tends to attract dogs more

    Let the doggy explore with his paw or nose!

    The smooth rotating feeder allows doggy to feed effectively when consuming energy. Different bottle caps can be selected to increase the difficulty.

  3. Let the dog smell the fragrance

    Wooden pegs hide food to exercise the sense of smell

    Constant sniffing helps to exercise their brains, and it is easier to consume energy. Let dogs explore the feeding world with smell! (It is not necessary to put food under each wooden pier, so that the dog can guess before smelling)

  4. It's time to eat more

    Set the dishes at will to solve the big meal

    When doggies need a real meal, you can directly scatter the food on the base without a feeding bottle. Or just put it in the bone plate to let the dog remember that this is where he eats.

Promote interaction and increase feelings.

It can be combined with the instruction to match with the puzzle feeder to achieve the best combination of diet and interaction.

Step 1

First, using the screwdriver to install a side plate on the base with two nails.

Step 2

Put the cross bar through the hole you chosen, screw the black nut on the outside, and install the hexagonal nut on the inside.

Step 3

Put the three bottles through the cross bar and install the caps you want.

Step 4

Install the other side plate on the base with the other 2 nails, tighten the nuts on both sides, and the installation process is completed.

Brain Training

10 minutes of sniffing is equal to an hour of walking. Don't be afraid of taking time. It is obviously helpful for dogs to consume energy and exercise their brains. Let the dog explore while assisting in training.

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